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Join Michelle and other students for real time live classes. Make requests, ask questions and get feed back. Create accountability and community with these weekly registered classes and grow your knowledge with theme based learning. 

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Hundreds of High definition classes, workshops and tutorials to choose from with fresh material added weekly. Use search to select specific routines and follow along with regular weekly classes to develop your understanding through theme based learning. Give the gift of Yoga to yourself or someone you love.


A fantastic way to deepen your understanding and knowledge of Yoga while working at your own pace in your own space. Plenty of different topics to choose from for students, teachers and aspiring Yoga teachers. Mentorships and Yoga teacher training modules for ongoing education.

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Michelle is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever trained with. She has a wealth of knowledge to share that is valuable for both students and teachers alike. Her personalized instructions and attention have greatly improved my understanding of body mechanics and allowed me to safely progress with deepening my yoga practice. I am forever grateful to Michelle for her unique teachings which have allowed me to go about my daily activities without any physical pain and with greater ease and body awareness.
Michelle is a compassionate, informed, inspiring yoga teacher. Her knowledge about the human body and human nature, combined with her decades of multi faceted training, make for an effective, extraordinary yoga experience. Clear explanations, humble and simple. Just beautiful! She works with all levels and limitations and makes everyone feel unique and successful on their own personal yoga journey. Her classes have inspired me to embrace yoga in a way I never did before. She is the only yoga teacher for me now, I'm so appreciative of the gifts she bestows during class. Namaste!
I can highly recommend Michelle for people at all levels! I have been blessed to be doing yoga with Michelle since 2013 and am indebted to her for helping me to rebuild my body following extensive treatment for lymphoma, and also for increasing my understanding and awareness of my own body. Michelle is highly knowledgeable, compassionate, and responsive to individual needs. She is vigilant that we do what is appropriate for our own body/ability, instructs in such a way that we learn and progress at our own level, and supports us to reach for the next level. I witness her training teachers beside me and marvel at her ability to meet all of our needs. I am filled with gratitude for her.
I have been doing yoga with Michelle for over 10 years and I just simply love her! I have had a sciatic nerve issue for a few years and when it flairs up all I need to do is a Michelle Yoga class & it seriously helps with the pain & provides me with such relief. I am forever grateful as the pain is sometimes debilitating; even more so now that she is having Zoom yoga classes as I have moved away and haven’t been able to go to her classes. Thank you so much Michelle; so much love for you!
I have been a yoga instructor for nearly 30 years. Michelle is my favourite hatha yoga teacher. Her classes are always right on, fascinating, and challenging at all levels. I feel every movement is guided perfectly, preparing me to go further into my own practice, balancing what i need to balance and healing where i need to heal. She offers something for everyone. I see how her students (including myself) respond. On top of that, she is a lot of fun. I learn continually from her!
A friend told me Michelle was the most personable on line video instructor he has encountered. I would wholeheartedly agree with his assessment. Her chair yoga series for seniors, has helped me to eliminate my shoulder pain, and I have encouraged several of my friends to utilize this great video workout.
I have been steadily taking these classes online since we couldn’t go to class. These classes have been life-saving because of the circumstances but also because they are so restorative. I’ve been practicing hatha yoga for more that 30 years and teaching classes for 15. Michelle’s classes are outstanding and unique, and they seem to cure anything that is not in balance or hurting at the moment! She has a great knowledge of the human body and works with many different techniques, so I find always something that really works for me. And her big heart and wonderful mind feed me with fun metaphors and great messages. Thank you!


Guided Meditations

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation allowing access to our subconscious mind. This type of meditation is designed to allow participants not only the well-being of deep relaxation but also to reinforce good habits and change undesired habits. Yoga Nidra has proven very effective in many areas of health, including insomnia, pain management, dealing with loss, goal setting and improving relationships. It has been beneficial in the healing process of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual trauma.