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Live like you’re going to die tomorrow. learn like you’re going to live forever 

 Swami Ramakrishna


for aspiring & certified teachers


500+ hour program  

GET STARTED TODAY by completing the application below & registering for THIS TERMS WORKSHOPS and  MENTORSHIP module a. 

  • A flexible program broke down into 6 components which include attending all workshops online or in-person for the duration of your training. 2 online mentorship modules, group online or inperson classes for the duration of training, an online anatomy coarse,  one in-person seasonal retreats and the November Intensive 200 hour intensive.
  • Designed to be completed over 12 months this program can be adapted to suit students’ needs and requirements can be completed over a longer period of time and in any order.
  • Designed to facilitate personal growth and healing required to become a holistic and confident teacher of Yoga.

 Commitment for CERTIFICATION  :

  • Attend  a minimum of 3 hours of lead class time per week online or in person with a registered myYOGA teacher (year total minimum 160 hours)
  • Dedicate a minimum of 3 hours to home practice every week including Yoga Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation. (year total minimum 160 hours)
  • Complete a minimum of 12 hours of teaching (averaging 1 hour per month)
  • Read, watch, and listen to all recommended media (roughly 80 hours)
  • Complete monthly written assignments and one written test
  • Log all hours honestly and accurately
Complete the Yoga Teacher Training Application

for certified teachers 

Katonah Yoga Teacher Certification hours

200 hour program 

  • Students who have completed a minimum of a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training certification can use any hours studying Katonah Yoga material with Michelle towards your 200 hour Katonah Yoga certification.
  • First students must apply and be accepted to the 200 hour program through the Katonah Yoga centre.
  • To complete your 200 hour Katonah Yoga Teacher certification, you must attend a 20 hour training with Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga, at the Katonah Yoga centre in Bedford Hills, NY.
  • Once accepted into the program by the Katonah Yoga Centre, contact Michelle directly to begin your training.
  • Log all hours and content honestly and accurately to request certificate. 

For certified yoga teachers 

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours 

  • All in person workshops with Michelle are recognized as Yoga Alliance continuing education material.  
  • log all workshops by name and number of hours accuratly and honestly.
  • contact Michelle directly to request certificate for logged workshop hours. 
  • certification must be registered through Yoga Alliance website 


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